Pull It Up Show – Episode 17 (Saison 5)

Pull It Up Show – Episode 17 Du 27 Decembre 2013 feat Selecta Bosso.

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Playlist :

Selecta Bosso – Mix dancehall (1st hour)


Teddy "DJ Tedd" Zocly – 4mation

Jeva9 – O Swe A

Daddy S – Girl

Specta – Alerte Rouge

Lsai (saigon) – Di Yo Contest


Fwi – Bashment Party Riddim

Degree – Pretty Pretty

Problem Child – Tight Yuh See

T.O.K – Style

Chico – Spin Yuh Roll


Street Life Productions – Car Back Riddim

Chino – God Alone

Sam Dash – Star Dat

Laden – Feel Good

Chase Cross – Born Bad


Freaks Riddim

Riddla – Butterfly

Kalash – Don Kalash

French Montana Ft. & Nicki Minaj – Freaks Remix

Specta – No Badda Me


Fat Eyes – Chimichanga Riddim

Anthony Redrose Ft Bugle – Your A Your Girl

Delly Ranx – Rollie Pollie

Future Fambo – All Eyes On Me

Harry Toddler – Luv Her


Truckback Records – Pink Wall Riddim

Ding Dong – Pink Wall

Deh Deh – Sum Ting Deh Ya

Stylysh – Cree

Round Head – Dance Floor


Tall King Productionz – Anti-Crime Riddim

Esco Da Shocker – No Duppy

Agent Sasco – Go Easy

Iba Mahr – Stand My Ground

Kabaka Pyramid – Global Warning


Whine And Kotch Riddim

Mc Duc – Dancehall Queen

Lieutenant – Badman Code



Selekta Faya Gong – Mix dancehall (2nd hour)


Head Concussion – Boom Riddim

Cham – Sell Out

Mr. Lexx – Trimble Up

Elephant Man – Bad Man

Hollow Point – Mi Bad

Juss Ice – 45

Mr Renzo – Burn It Up

Miss O – Money Pull Up

– Informer


Weedy G Soundforce – Event Riddim

Grindsman – True Rastaman

Fyah – Riot In The Streets

Perfect Giddimani – Spongebob

Shocking Murray – Trigger Fool

Sizzla – No Food

Teacha Dee – So Me Like It

Thai Stylee – Ring Di Alarm

Thrilla U & Delly Ranks – Gyal Dem Come Out

Anthony B – Things A Get Harder


Zionnoiz Freeze Records – Love Games Riddim

Tok – Miss You

Laden – Love Off Your Body

Voicemail – Hold On Me

General Degree – Caribbean Slow Wine

Lukie D – Give Me Some

Prophet Benjamin – Big Agouti

Rkg – Body Good


Rebel World Records & Back 2 Da Future Music – 87 Riddim

Delly Ranx – Smoke

Baby Boom – Who Nuh Rate We


Kapriss'tudio Rekordz – Pa Cheche Sav Riddim

Typical Fefe – Yo Pa Cheche Sav

Mc Janik – Baby Wine

Cali P – Gimme Weh You Have

Guy Al Mc – Sa Ki Ta Mwen

Tiwony – Malpalan

Skanky – Pase Pa Tab

Apollo J – Ne Nous Raconte Pas

Straika – Telephone

Jamadom – What A Bambam

Lord N Bee – Just Do It

Tai J –

Kellingston – Manger An Riddim

Yeahman C – Manman Ka Plere


Dread Efx – Radio Play Riddim

Babyboom – Airplay

Froggy Maddsquad – Weedy Weedy

Zoo Rass Ft. Di Great – Punnany Big


Consciouness Vibz Riddim (Coqlakour Riddim Vol.5)

Takana Zion – Kakilambe

Pix'l – Trap Lo Tan

Straika – By The Grace

Alaza – Yes

Tiwony – Manjé Pou Lèspwi

Sskyron – Rallume La Flamme


Feat. Marcy Chin & Deewunn – Mic Magician – Germaica Digital