« Things been good » is the 9th track of  » Salvation « album produced by Carl Reid ( SPECTACULAR ) Itunes : http://urlz.fr/4hRX
Musicians : FIREHOUSE CREW : George Miller, Rightmove, Flabba , Winston Dowen (bowpee)
Vocal harmonies : Lamy Mory
Recorded and mixed at Mixing Lab Studio Kingston Jamaica : Special thanks to Roy Francis
Mix engineer : Bulby York
Recording vocals : Snych
Mastering JYL Paris France
Video by Carabeo ( shooted in Negril Jamaica and in Nerja, Spain )
℗ & © Carabeo Music / Rastamusic Connection- October 2016
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Sweet darling sweet darling
oh! my boo
only you

Things been good from the day you walk into my life
I spend one night with you,
and now girl I want to spend my life time
yes it feel so good I can tell the world that I got my wife
and all the darkness around you turn into light
shine so bright
woman you change me, yes you rearrange me
first girl before seh mi wild, but you tame me
way what you have remind me of my old lady
I love you my baby, you are my baby
well a tell you effortlessly a you dweet ( do it )
loving what you give me is so complete, so sweet
make me stop roam the lane and the street
take care of my house seven days of the week
you see it


yo! and all the choice’s in the world a rasta you choose
straight up girl I know you can’t loose
I give you my love and affection, no use and abuse
girl you never get confuse
love how you keep it real,a nd your loving is not bogus
you don’t in a no hanky panky nor no hocus pocus
don’t carry the ways of those little locus
i love how you always steadfast and you always stay focus


well a never go for looks, cause looks can deceive
never go for vanity, vanity will leave
baby girl I love you, yes a want you believe
full up your heart with love no grief
baby girl a tell you that a love you not going to disrespect you a give god thanks am always with you
you gone for a day girl a miss you
with my arms open wide one thousand time a kiss you
baby girl a love you don’t put no other girl above you

Lyrics and music : Carl Reid / SPECTACULAR