Dub Dynasty – Monsoon Come ft Ras Tinny, Alpha Steppa, Nai-Jah (Downpatrick Head, County Mayo)

We shot this clip in Ireland near Céide Fields, the oldest known field systems in the world, over 5500 years old! A beautiful and unique Neolithic landscape of world importance. The remains of stone field walls, houses and megalithic tombs are preserved beneath a carpet of peat over several square miles. This is the story of a farming community, their organised society, spiritual beliefs, and their struggle against climate change. These people arrived in a land with a substantial pine forest canopy, this was cleared to provide access to arable land and to provide building material and firewood. For a time the people prospered, but eventually raised bogs developed and the arable land transformed into barren and unusable land. It is believed that the removal of the tree canopy helped cause this change. The substantial tree cover prevented most of the rain reaching the ground, but with the removal of the forests, all of the rain reached the ground and, it is believed, leached the earth of its nutrients. Today, just some of the associated effects of anthropologically related climate change are the variability of rainfall and cyclonic patterns we’ve seen in recent years. For many people across the world variability of rainfall is already having a devastating effect – intense heavy rainfall leads to flooding; breaks in the monsoon of a week or more lead to water shortage and agricultural drought. In short, if we keep chopping down the forests and mashing up the Earth our species is in deep sh*t. Maybe we can take a lesson from the people of Céide Fields, and our ancestors throughout history, we don’t have to look far to see great civilisations come undone by climate change, Rapa Nui, The Akkadian Empire, The Indus Valley, The Minoans, The Anasazi, The Khmer Empire, The Maya Civilisation and so on… climate change is natural and inevitable, but if it is true that humans are causing the climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces then we need to do everything we can to reduce that number, and quickly. Big up to all those who are studying and working towards sustainability, you are the true heroes of our time. #streetdub