Mellow Mood – Sound of a War

Official video for Large by Mellow Mood.

a production

Directed by: Blau! (Alice Lorenzon, Lorenzo Pezzano)
Executive Producer: Matteo Stefani
Producers: Beppe Ferrari, Enrico Cestaro
Cinematographer: Lorenzo Pezzano
Editor & Colorist: Alice Lorenzon
Camera Assistant: Martina Fabian
Gaffer: Gianluca Cecconello
Production Assistant: Vera Munzi
Set photographer: iLMarza

Thanks to: Comune di Caorle, ing. Marco Salmini – Intermodale Marghera, Enrico Cestaro, Mariangela Rossini, Cinema Rental.

Sound Of A War (J. Garzia) is taken from Mellow Mood’s new album « Large ».

℗ La Tempesta SNC
© 2018 Sony/ATV Publishing Italy

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People you take it too easy
Like unnu play with a ball
Talk you a talk so easy
While them want start a war
So me beg unnu stop chat nothing
Caw you nuh see what a gwaan
The system just stopped working
And them waan start a war

Rampimpim rampampam
This yah the sound of a war
Rampempem rampampam
So we wake up in a war

Has that time come
Or it’s not too far
When anywhere we turn look like a gun war
But if affi them house it affi be a five stars
Some man a pree peace but some a pree war
Mi burn Donald Trump and mi burn Clinton
Burn Rothschild burn the NATO
Me burn Rokefeller me burn the Neocon
No matter if a white or if a black man
Them man deh words fake like silicone
And them vision is not we vision
Inside jobs a go cause division
Me know war a dem ambition

Mr Minister don’t take we fi fool
You think we don’t know the thing weh you do
Nuff time you don’t mind if people a cry
Long time no tears no drop from your eyes
And when fi we poor life end
Gwaan like you sad but yuo only pretend
Inna reality you don’t give a damn
That’s why mister me and you could never hang
You sing lalalala
Me hear you sing mmmh
Inna yuh room you sing mmmh lala
Mister you a whistle caw you start a next war

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