Mellow Mood – String Up A Sound (Official Video)

Official video for String Up A Sound by Mellow Mood.

A production

Executive producer and art director: Matteo Stefani
Producer: Elena Andreutti
Production assistant: Agnese Incurvati 
Editor: Alessio Hong

Director: Fernando Hevia
Production assistant: Rashaun « Kush » Mcanuff
Dancers: Shamara Spencer, Christina A. González, Shernet Swearine, Mystic Davis
Sound system: Money Green
Driver: Gong
Thanks to: Earth Warrior, Gilli Steamers, Travis and the Portmore Rasta family 

Director: Filipe Casimiro
Choreographer: Aysha Jhanne 
Dancers: Aysha Jhanne, Sango Gressive Haki, Kilamu Killa
Sound system: Mystic Fyah
Guest: Zacky Man

Director: Angelo Cerisara
Production assistant: Henry Seven
Dancers: Laetitia Lawrence, Shabba The Comedian, Charmaine Grant, Nafura Ka
Sound system: RDK Hi-Fi
Guests: Dj Stringz, Joshua Villa, Rassi Hardknocks, Savio De Chiara, Jamal N. Kombaté, Malcolm Mthg

String Up A Sound (L. Garzia, A. Cicci, M. Kamara,
A.J. Kamara, V. Axelrod) is taken from Mellow Mood’s new album « Large ».

℗ La Tempesta SNC
© 2018 Sony/ATV Publishing Italy

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String a sound we a string up a sound
Me say me love when the bass it a bounce
We a rockin’ it from town to town
That a must everywhere we touch down

Coulda rain, coulda sun, coulda night, coulda morn’ we feel it inna we bones
We just waan string up sounds, string up sounds, string up sounds
Coulda cold, coulda hot even bright or dark a so we tan from the start
We just waan string up sounds, string up sounds, string up sounds

Whether dub, one drop or rubadub
Sound system ever play for the hungry mob
Sound it load inna the street nuh bada lock it up
Forward dem waan so we a wheel it up
Pass the new 45, unpack it
Bassline bounce and it badder than karate
MI want twitters fi sell off inna market
This one to every soundman and artist

Bwoy know that this a no talk or chat
Inna mi backyard mi want a big dancehall spot
Neighbors dem shall see we with the telescope
Me woulda happy if dem follow the path
As you enter the gate you ago fulljoy enuh
Elders inna the corner dem a play domino
From tune a boss you fi start from the top
Even miss Mary find a chill spot

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