Ragga Bomb Mixtape By Natty Ned Selekta

Ragga Bomb Mix, mixed by Natty Ned is a tribute dedicated to all legendary Raggamuffin’s, Singjay’s and artists who keep the Reggae Fyah blazing along the years!

Give thx for support : Skarra Mucci, Steppa Style, Blackout_JA, Rawpa Crawpa, Seanie Tee (Dub Pistols).
Big Love for you my people who support me thru all this year! Play it out loud! Tracklist soon a come!

 » Ragga is the short form of raggamuffin. The term raggamuffin is derived from the Middle English personal name « Ragamuffyn », which was usually employed in an insulting manner towards street children.
It was used in this way to describe Kingston ghetto youth, and the youth themselves took on the term to describe their new music.
The name was used early on in album titles by Asher D & Daddy Freddy – « Raggamuffin Hip-Hop » as well as the Daddy Freddy songs « Ragga House » with Simon Harris or « Ragga Rock » with Led Zeppelin.
« (Under Me) Sleng Teng » (Wayne Smith; 1985) is recognized as the first ragga song.