Forelock & Arawak – Nuraggae Style (Official Video)

Official video for “Nuraggae Style” (A. Puglia) by Forelock & Arawak.

Filmed during Forelock & Arawak’s 2019 Indian Tour by Manuel Tomba and SulaFest staff (Nashik India)
GoPro Footage: Arawak band
Additional footage at Alambic Conspiracy Studio by Il Marza
Edited by Paolo Baldini and Forelock
Color by Frame25 Studio

Recorded, mixed and produced by Paolo Baldini at Alambic Conspiracy Studio (Pordenone, IT)
Riff Casio pt-30 by Scarbons
Mastered by Chris Athens at Chris Athens Masters (Austin, TX)

©℗ 2019 La Tempesta SNC


Arawak ah bring a new style now
On this legendary riddim from long time ago
Arawak dem call we so we run come
On a stage whe we ready fi the crowd you know
People dem mad fi the music mek we give dem some more
Original vibes coming straight outta Kingston and Portmore
To the island a Sardinia mek we spread dem abroad
Tune up the sound very loud while we fly we ah

Landing oh landing landing
We ah landing
We ah landing…
Tell you the island where we land it ah the Nuraggae style

Mi phone ah ring and when mi pick up mi hear the octopus man him seh fi gwaan “book a ticket” so mi fly a Pordenone.
Man aks him « yo Pablo tell me wha gwaan, you made me come yah so but please me waan explanation »
We nah have no time no man, late we ah late tek the
mixing board and thing and help me load up the van
So we
run, rain it ah fall now mi know seh tonight we have a gigg a Milan
Deh so we

This brand new style whe mi love
Ah di ancient soul of the place where mi from
Still we stick to the foundation
Of the Island a the sea , love, food and sun!

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