Taiwan MC – Boomshakalaka feat. Miscellaneous (Music Video)

From Taiwan MC’s upcoming album, « Special Request » : https://CMR.lnk.to/SpecialRequest

Direction & Animation by Gridboy

Letterings by Fernando Luque aka KONG

Vocals by Taiwan MC & Miscellaneous (https://www.facebook.com/iamiscellaneous)
Produced by I.N.CH (https://www.facebook.com/INCH-Beats-114077665320890/)
Additional production, arrangement, & instruments by SOAP (https://www.facebook.com/DJsonofapitch)
Scratches by DJ Idem (https://www.facebook.com/djidem)
Mastered by Blanka @Kasablanka Mastering (https://www.facebook.com/KasablankaMastering)

Cover Artwork by Julien « Ouikid » Loïs : http://www.ouikid.com/
Chinese Man Records 2020

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(Taiwan MC Verse 1)
Bun di whole a dem with faya
Hotta faya sticky cyaan done
When you coulda well you shoulda
Bwoy now you haffe run
Bwoy you dead anytime you touch di mic
Anything test cyaan see the daylight
Say di liars dem a bun
And di haters dema run
No we no keep friend with no demon
If your heart it no clean
You no move with Taiwan
This ya one a hotter dan di sun
And a long time we tell dem
And they never listen
We deya pon a mission
Fi entertain di massive ina session
And we fulfill the assignment yo
Haters pon silent mode
Yes it’s a rugged road
But we haffe trod along
No me no carry no weapon
Yes we fight fi truth and rights
With di spliff in a di hand
We bun di wholadem
Hotta fire cyaan done
Weh me sing

(Miscellaneous Verse 1)
Boom biddy bye bye
Who’s this pretty fly guy ?
It’s mista Miscellaneous back with Sticky Tai Tai
We finna twist the rizzla up and take a trippy ride high
Trippy like the design on a hippie tie-dye
When we blazing we gets lazy like Biggie’s right eye
and feel the real disconnect like we got shitty WiFi
But really, why try ? I like to be in my bubble.
Why mingle with suckers ? I’m kilometers above you.
See, comparing me to you’s like a pit to a poodle
I’m the shit. You just doodoo.
I’m a painting. A sophisticated pic to a doodle.
I am it, the caboodle. What I spit’s truly brutal,
Little kid : do your googles !
You the Swiss, you are neutral.
I’m a blitz moving through you.
I cause tissue removal.
I’m a witch using voodoo.
Why cater to you haters to get new approval ?
Click click : boom boom boom boom. Bullets rip through your noodle.

(Taiwan MC Verse 2)
My sound my mission yes me haffi fulfill
Always do it fi di massive never fi di dollar bill
Can’t chill ever ill till a morning
Killing it pon di riddim til dawning
Aint no running from …
My sound yes it a di best
Nuffadem a test but we put dem to rest
Yes this is a special request
You better pray fi dem soul befoor we get vex
You better pray fi them you better warn dem
My sound come fi kill dem
Kill dem already kill dem again, yo
This is a warning
When you hear me mi no stammer
When you see me ever ready
Lyrically say we badder than the wholadem pussyclaat
Long time in a di business we no worry bout dem idiots

(Miscellanous Verse 2)
We back, the fly duo
That’s me and Tai Uno
Ain’t like those guys you know
Like you rap-type-pseudos
With your recycled flows
You stupid minds move slow
Your fucking IQ’s low
Boom Boom – rivals go !
I’m too cold. I’m too dope.
Salute to my crew though
Ze, Sly and High-Ku yo.
ASM, my dude Soap
Youthstar : That’s my true bro
Inch : this beat’s tight ! Kudos !
Breaking news : Chinese Man’s making moves while you dose…

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